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Unabashed List of Easy to Read Children’s books

Build Reading Confidence with these Easy to Read Books (age 3 to 8)

This list is for all of the parents and teachers trying to build reading confidence in their early users. Many kids learn to read sight words and CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) words but do not have the confidence to read entire books. Either a new reader loves reading because of the adventure of discovering a new story or they fear reading. The fear stems from new readers coming across words they don’t know. I often hear reading is hard! I also hear reading is fun!

Publishers have different standards when it comes to reading difficulty and level. Some publishers look at the word count others consider the length of the story, but Unabashed Kids specifically chose books that use CVC and sight words for this list. Children who have been introduced to sight words and know their letter sounds will be able to decode words in the story. 

Easy reader books that limit word use to only CVC and sight words help build reading confidence. Children will be surprised that they were able to read entire books all on their own. This article contains real storybooks as well as books written to teach CVC reading skills. The CVC books are aimed at instruction and practice. These books are great; parents and teachers love them, but storybooks are what children love. Expose your early reader to both. 

Books with repeating phrases or words, assist kids who struggle to sound out new words. Even when a child struggles with one word on a page they will then see the same word or phrase on the next page. They learn these words by sight. Children will often go back to the same book as they learn how to read every word in the book. This is an amazing way to build a confident reader! Do not forget to praise children who are beginning to read. Encouragement will aid in making a happy reader. 

All book titles below have affiliate links for purchase through Amazon. Click titles to view on Amazon. 

10 Easy to Read Children’s Picture Books

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