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Plant a Seed – Watch it Grow! Activity for Kids

Plant Life – Lesson Plan for Young Kids

​This is an easy, fun, and interactive lesson plan that can be doctored to serve kids from ages 2 to 12. Older children can go more in-depth by making detailed observations and learning plant terms, and life science. Included in this lesson plan are ideas for planting a classroom garden. Scroll below this article to view a list of books about plants, learning plant parts worksheet, and plant/flower-related craft ideas. ​

Activity: Planting Seeds

Objective: Plant a seed, and watch it grow! The children will learn how to plant a seed, observe the seed life cycle, and discover the growth of their own plants over time.

Please Note: Planting seeds and tracking their growth will take several weeks.

Items Needed:

  • planter or cups – with small holes on the bottom
  • soil
  • seeds (suggest 3 seeds per student)
  • area with sun exposure
  • Spray bottle – water
  • plate to catch water drainage

Key teaching points:

  • Seeds come from plants.
  • Seeds can become small baby plants.
  • Seeds need water, air, and sunlight to begin growing.
  • Some seeds are on the outside of the plant. Strawberries have seeds on the outside.
  • Some seeds grow inside pods.

Teaching Instructions:

  1. Have a class discussion about seeds and plants. Find out what the children know about seeds. Reading a book to the class can be a helpful way to teach children what they do not know about plants.
  2. Give each child 3 seeds.
  3. Ask children to describe what we might need to plant a seed.
  4. Give each child a cup filled 3/4 full of potting soil. (Fun Activity: have children decorate the cups before planting day.)
  5. Demonstrate poking 3 holes in the soil with your finger, one against each side of the cup, and drop seeds into the hole; have the children do the same.
  6. Demonstrate how to spray the soil with water from a spray bottle so the seed is wet but not swimming in a puddle of water. Have the children take turns spraying their cups.
  7. Have the students point out a place in the room that will give a plant enough sunlight. Place the plants on a tray in an area with adequate sunlight.
  8. Have children take turns spraying their seeds with water daily. Set a time out for your class to check the seeds daily and chart their growth.


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