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4th of July Craft for Kids

Handprint USA Flag Preschool
Group USA Flag Craft

How to make a Group U.S. Flag


This 4th of July flag for kids was a great group activity for the pre-kindergarten class. Continue reading to find out how we made a group flag in our pre-k classroom.

Teacher Preparation:

  • Gather Materials
  • Set out the white pages (1 per each student) and the 1 blue page.
  • Draw lines on the white pages (2 lines for large hands and 4 lines for small hands). Assign paper based on the kids’ hand size.
  • Have a plate of red and a plate of white paint.
  • Set a time out in your busy class day to monitor hand-printing.

Making Stars

  1. Gather White paint and dark blue paper
  2. Paint the Child’s hand with white paint.
  3. Push hand firmly down on dark blue construction paper.
  4. Do the same for the next child in line.

Making Stripes

  1. Paint one hand of each child red.
  2. Use white paper. Have them press their hand down, lift, and press down in a straight line. Lines drawn on the paper, make it easier for a child to follow.
  3. Monitoring by an adult will prevent a large mess. Please use washable paint.

Putting it all together: Making the Flag

The class created the flag as a group and it stayed on the wall from Memorial Day until a little after July 4th, in a year-round school program. The children then got to take home their independent page, which is the white paper with red handprints. The blue paper has all the children’s handprints on the page; the teacher kept this page.

To make the group flag you will need three white pages taped together on the vertical side.

The top white page must have 5 lines (4 drawn lines) and the other two must have 4 lines (2 drawn lines). This will ensure that there are 13 stripes on the flag.

The blue paper with white handprints will represent the stars of the flag. Tape this to the upper left corner.

Make an even rectangle with all of the student hand prints. Some student papers may need to be taped off to the side if you have an odd number of students.

The preschool was closed for 4th of July, but we held a small celebration with our class the Friday before 4th of July. Our circle time activities were U.S. centered, and we read a book about the 4th of July. Amazon has a great inventory of 4th of July Children’s Books. (View Here)

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Materials List

White Construction Paper

Crayola White Paint

Crayola White Paint

Blue Construction Paper

Blue Construction Paper

Crayola Red Paint

Crayola Red Paint

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