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123! What Can I Eat?

We are happy to announce the release of our latest children’s book “123! What Can I Eat?”. Unabashed Kids Blog readers can review our book to get a FREE copy

123 What can I eat? A counting book for toddlers, written by Kerice Robinson and published by Unabashed Kids Media

What can I eat? Count to 20 and see. Explore 20 different foods that people eat.

Develop a love for numbers and food. Explore different foods while learning to count to 20. Children will count vegetables, fruits, candy, pastries, meats, and more. A perfect book to help a picky either open up to new foods.

Available for $3.99 on Amazon

While reading this book children will be able to:

  • Count objects all the way to 20.
  • Learn the names of different foods.
  • View brightly colored images.
  • Compare real foods and graphic images of food.
  • Beginning readers will build reading confidence while reading simple repetitive sentences.

Take a look inside – 123! What Can I Eat? – A counting book for picky eaters.

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