Ultimate List of Anansi the Spider Books – African and West Indian Tales

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Who is Anansi?

Anansi, also known as Ananse, Nancy, Anancy, Hapanzi, and Nanzi is the name of a personified spider in whimsical tales. Anansi is insightful, intelligent, and full of wisdom. In some stories Anansi can change from spider form to human form. Anansi can also be a trickster who teaches morals, ethics, politics, and social values by leading a person to the truth through examples, puzzles, and twist of faith.

Where did Anansi stories originate? What regions continue to tell them?

The Akan people are an ethnic group who live in the Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire (formally Ivory Coast) regions. The Akan people are the originators of the Anansi stories. The Ashanti people are also known to tell Anansi stories. These stories have spread throughout the West African region and Caribbean.

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