Groundhog’s Day Classroom Activities!

Reading books, arts & crafts, writing stories, and making themed treats are great classroom activities for Groundhog's Day. For Groundhog's Day make some "Dirt Pie". Dirt Pie is a chocolate pudding with oreo cookies. Add some gummy worms to add to the groundhog digging theme and make the sweet treat even sweeter. letter-g-recognition-worksheetDownload Groundhog Day … Continue reading Groundhog’s Day Classroom Activities!

12 Books About Colors for Children

Learn to identify colors with these books. We've created a list of 12 colorful children's books that teach color theory in an entertaining way. These books will help children identify colors and mix colors. All books are chosen by Unabashed Kid's Editors and are affiliate linked to To purchase books from this list just … Continue reading 12 Books About Colors for Children