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Kerice Robinson’s Debut Picture Book “Dad Is My Best Friend” releases just in time for Father’s Day

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: On Sale June 2022 | Dad Is My Best Friend | Written by Kerice Robinson | Illustrated by Kavion Robinson


Unabashed Kids Media is pleased to announce the publication of “Dad is My Best Friend“, written by Kerice Robinson and illustrated by Kavion Robinson.

Dad is my best friend - front cover

The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive for the children’s book “Dad Is My Best Friend.” The book is author, Kerice Robinson’s debut picture book set for wide release on June 1, 2022.

Caribbean illustrator Kavion Robinson’s oil paintings beautifully portray a father and daughter’s heartwarming bond in “Dad Is My Best Friend.” The reader will learn why Angela’s dad is her best friend as she recounts all the fun things they do together. Racing, bike riding, and push-ups are some of the things Angela loves to do with her dad. Readers will have the chance to count and interact with Angela and her dad while they exercise. 


“My earliest memory of my father is of him working out by the front door of our home. He would do push-ups in front of the door. One day I climbed onto his back and began to count, just like Angela.”Author Kerice Robinson

To forever cherish the memories of those special times with her dad, Kerice Robinson wrote: “Dad Is My Best Friend” based loosely on her own childhood experiences. Purchase your copy on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles.

Dad is my best friend - back cover

About the Illustrator Kavion Robinson

Kavion Robinson is a Jamaican-born painter and illustrator, recognized most notably for his illustrative figure paintings.  He attended the University of The Arts in Philadelphia majoring in traditional illustration. His artistic style can be described as conceptual realism. The subjects of his paintings are highly influenced by his childhood in Jamaica.  As a painter, “I made it my goal to paint images of cultural and historical significance. I have dedicated my career as an artist to depicting black life and history in an enlightening and educational manner”.


About the Author Kerice Robinson

Author Kerice Robinson’s debut picture book Dad Is My Best Friend is inspired by her childhood experiences with her father. Kerice is passionate about early childhood education and creative writing. Kerice founded Unabashed Kids, a children’s media brand focused on academic and social-emotional education. Kerice plans to grow Unabashed Kids through the creation and promotion of educational videos, articles, picture books, and lesson plans.