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12 Must-have Counting Books

Counting books, how can you go wrong with a fun-filled counting book? They are interactive and educational. Unabashed Kids recommends these counting books for preschool to kindergarten-aged kids. Counting books allow young readers to build literacy skills while learning their numbers. These books feature engaging stories and illustrations that will aid children in developing important number skills needed for the rest of their lives.

Must-have Counting Books for Young Children

Below is a list of must-read counting books for beginner and seasoned counters. Links to purchase on amazon included. Enjoy!


Image of Book Cover: Chicka Chicka 123. Large dotted tree on front cover.
by Bill Martin, Jr. and Michael Sampson

How Dinosaurs Count to 10?

Image of book cover "How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten?" Large dinosaur hovering over town, lady and dog is pictured on front cover.
by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague

Feast for 10

Image of book cover "Feast for 10". Cartoon Black family wearing fall colors pictured on cover.
by Cathryn Falwell

5 Little Monkeys

Book cover of "Five Little Monkerys". Image on cover of 5 monkeys jumping on a bed.
by Eileen Christelow

2 Ways to Count to 10

Cartoon image of African Safari animals
by Ruby Dee and Susan Meddaugh

Olivia Counts

Book cover of "Olivia Counts" Image of Olivia in grey and red dress.
by Ian Falconer

Read “3 Interactive Counting Songs” to get Unabashed Kids FREE song boards for 5 Little Monkeys, 5 Speckled Frogs, and 5 Little Ducks. These songs teach counting and subtraction. The interactive boards make the songs even more engaging. The children in my preschool classroom love these song boards.

How many bugs in the box?: A pop-up Counting Book

by David A. Carter

Can’t sleep without sheep

Cover image of children's book "Can't Sleep Without Sheep". Black girl sitting on a bed with sheep flying over her head.
Susanna Leonard Hill

CHOMP Goes the Alligator

Image of book cover "Chomp Goes the Alligator".
Matthew Van Fleet

One is a Pinata!

Front book cover of "One is a Pinata", shows children celebrating and with hands up. Children depicted are of all different shades of skin.
by Roseanne Greenfield Thong

Goodnight Numbers

The "Goodnight Numbers' book cover is an image of mother and daughter hugging in a bed at night.
by Danica McKellar and Alicia Padron

The Crayons Book of Numbers

by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers

A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.

Sasha Salmina