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Push Ups With Dad – Inspired by “Dad Is My Best Friend” by Kerice Robinson

Looking for a fun way to bond with your child? Take a page out of “Dad is My Best Friend” and try doing push-ups with your little one on your back! Check out these adorable highlight reels of fathers and children of all ages working out together. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DadIsMyBestFriend and #PushupsWithDad to share your own father-child exercise routine!

Just remember, safety first! Keep the exercises age-appropriate and listen to your body to prevent any discomfort or pain.

"Dad Is My Best Friend" by Kerice Robinson
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10 Father’s Day Children’s Books

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Books about Dad, Perfect for Father’s Day

Book cover Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss

Hop on Pop (I Can Read It All By Myself). Have your little one read this easy reader book on Father’s Day. View on Amazon.

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Book Cover "Just Me and My Dad" by Mercer Mayer

A Father’s Day camping trip with Little Critter and his Dad. Just Me and My Dad (Little Critter) available on Amazon.

Book Cover Papasaurus

Papasaurus! by Stephan Lomp. Purchase on Amazon.

Book Cover The Night Before Father's Day

Find out what happens “The Night Before Father’s Day”. Purchase this book on Amazon!

Book Cover "I love Pop" by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss’s I Love Pop!: A Celebration of Dads. Purchase for Father’s Day.

My DAD is the Best Playground

My Dad is the Best Playground” by Luciana Navarro Powell, available on Amazon.

Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too

Purchase “Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too” by Anna Dewdney on Amazon

View our Father’s Day Craft project that Dad will love.

Father’s Day Children’s Books to Celebrate Grandpa

Max and the Tag-along Moon

Bonus Books about Grandpa

“Max and the Tag Along Moon” by Floyd Cooper is a story about the relationship and trust between a grandfather and grandson. Max watches the moon on the ride home after a visit with his grandfather. The story reminds children that their love ones will never truly leave them, similar to the moon.

Click to Purchase Max and the Tag Along Moon on Amazon.

How to Babysit a grandpa

“How to Babysit a Grandpa” by Jean Reagan is a hilarious story about children taking care of older people. This is a fun story for Father’s Day especially for those children with a great bond with their grandparents.

Around the Table that Grandad  built

“Around the Table That Grandad Built” by Melanie Hill. Is a Great celebration of Grandads around the world.

Llama Llama gram and grandpa

Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa” is a great story about grandparents. Children will love this story, especially if they are already familiar with Llama Llama books.

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A Father’s Day Craft that Dad will Love

A Gift (from kids of all ages)

So, when is Father’s Day? Father’s Day is always the 3rd Sunday of June. If you need a gift for a special Dad, here is a quick, creative, and fun craft for kids of all ages. This gift is super Easy to make: If you don’t have good penmanship and worry about drawing the word DAD ==> Print the FREE stencil below. This article goes over the steps for this art craft in detail, but it is a fairly simple project. We promise it will be a father’s day craft that dad will love.

Father's Day craft - handprint
Completed Father’s Day Craft

Simple Instructions for Father’s Day Craft:

Scroll down and read the full article for details. A free craft simple instruction print-out is available.

Print the stencil. Tape DAD cutout on poster paper or a canvas (Dad deserves the canvas). Color or paint. Remove cutout. Laminate and/or frame the poster. Give to the BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!

“My daughter got me a ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug. So we know she’s sarcastic.” —Bob Odenkirk

Dad Joke

The fathers of my preschoolers loved this gift. It takes very little prep time or instructional time. This craft uses materials that are easily found at home or at school. The only thing I believe may not be in every home is a painting canvas. If you cannot get a canvas thick construction paper will get similar results. I suggest that artwork is done on construction paper be framed before gifting. In this article, you will see images of a DAD craft done with construction paper and a MOM craft done on canvas. I bought canvas’ for my entire preschool class at the local dollar tree. You can purchase a canvas in-store or on amazon using the links below.

Materials needed for this craft

  • Any Color Paint (recommended) or crayons/markers
  • Canvas (recommended) or thick paper
  • FREE U-Kids Dad stencil – print, cut out, trace and tape
  • pencil
  • black marker
  • tape
  • Picture Frame – only if you use thick paper. Canvas painting frames are optional.

picture frame
Crayola washable paint

“Father’s Day is important because, besides being the day on which we honor Dad, it’s the one day of the year that Brookstone does any business.” —Jimmy Fallon

Dad Joke
Mother's Day Craft

This craft should ideally be done on CANVAS or thick paper, to avoid paper folding when the paint dries. The picture is an image of the same craft done on a canvas, for Mother’s Day. Dad deserves the canvas! You can buy a low-cost canvas on amazon by clicking the link below.

Preparation before working with a child under age 10:

Follow these preparation steps before working with a child under the age of 10.

Prep step 1: Please cut out the DAD stencil if working with little ones. The FREE DAD stencil can be found in the downloadable instructions. No matter how great they are at using scissors they just don’t have the skills needed for this part of the craft.

Print the FREE Instructions linked below or draw your own. It is optional if you want to cut out the centers of letters A and D.

Prep step 2: Tape the stencil to the bottom of a canvas or thicker piece of paper (whichever you choose to use). Only the letters D A D should be taped down, discard the rest of the cutout.


What the child needs to do:

The following steps are what a child needs to do during this art craft.

Part 1: Paint the canvas, including the taped-down word DAD. If really young children do not have the stamina to cover the whole canvas, have them focus on painting over the taped-down word DAD.

Part 2: Dip the hand in paint (palm down and flat-handed) or have an adult paint the child’s hand. Use a color different than the colors used to paint the canvas. This makes for a better highlight and contrast.

*** For the second part of the project – use a color other than white for the handprint of children who did not fully paint the top of the canvas. White paint on the white canvas will not highlight the handprint.

The Final Step Before Gifting this Father’s Day Craft

This is the final step before gifting this masterpiece to dad. Complete these final steps before gifting the craft to the BEST DAD in the world. The following step is best done by an adult or child over the age of 10 with good pencil skills.

  • Removed the taped-down word, DAD. Revealing a white outline of the word.
  • Trace the word DAD on the CANVAS with a black marker.

Bonus Step: Use white paint to cover any edges where paint got under the stencil.


Thanks for reading and Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing fathers. I hope dad enjoys his gift. Take a look at our Ultimate List of Books about Dad. All about Dad Children’s Book list.

Book release - Dad is my best friend