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10 Super Simple Playdoh Activities

Learn and Play with Clay

Playing with play dough, theraputty, or clay is more than just a fun, creative, and relaxing sensory activity. Squishing, pinching, rolling, squeezing, smashing, making shapes, pretend food, and animals with these materials are all great for building muscles in the hands. Theraputty is exceptionally great because it comes in various resistances. Playing with clay is an amazing fine motor activity for children. You can choose to use only your hands, household items, or purchase playdoh toys on amazon. Children will have fun learning and playing with clay using these 10 super simple playdoh activities.

1.) Hide small objects like coins, beads, or tiny stones for your child to hide and bury and then pull out. Please be careful with young children to ensure they do not eat small objects. 

2.) Roll the clay out into a really long log or snake then twist and turn the snake to form letters, shapes, or numbers. 

3.) Roll clay into a string, cut it into small pieces with a scissor. This is a great activity for kids just learning to use scissors.


4.) Pinch off small pieces with just the thumb and index finger to make “confetti”.

5.) Use stamps, puzzle pieces, or letter magnets to press into the putty to also work on educational components. You can even use cups, bowls, spoons, or other household items to make shapes.

6.) Make a rainbow and learn about colors with play dough.

7.) Learn about the weather by making rain and sunshine out of clay.

playdoh sun

8.) Bug-themed fun! Create bugs that children read about all the time. Butterflies, ladybugs, and caterpillars are easy to make with play dough. See our list of 10 Fun Bug and Insect-themed books.

playdoh caterpillar
butterfly playdoh

9.) Read “The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza” then make your clay pizza or other food. 

10.) Practice letter recognition by rolling clay into letters. You make an example and then have the children try.

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