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FREE Alphabet Flashcards

ABC Flashcards
ABC Flashcards

FREE Interactive Song Board BINGO was his Name-O

BINGO song board

3-Page Letter Matching packet

Letter matching worksheet
Letter Matching worksheet

Beginning Sound Worksheets

Beginning Sound worksheets
Purchase this 10 page worksheet pack from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Middle Sound Worksheets – Coming Soon


Ending Sound Worksheets


word families
Purchase these Word Family Flash Cards to build reading confidence. Includes over 400 easy to learn words. CVC, CVCe, flashcards.
ap word family

Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) Words + Intro to CVCe

CVC to CVCe word writing worksheet
CVC to CVCe comparison

50 page word building worksheet packet – coming soon


Sight Word Teaching Resources

Sight Word Worksheets
120 High-Frequency Word Flashcards. With a bonus of 13 worksheets which include word searches and spelling worksheets.

Sentence Building Worksheets – Coming Soon


Building Reading Skills is a Continuous Process: Read! Read! Read!

Read to children, even if they are now able to read to themselves. Have a child read to you if they enjoy reading. Below are several Unabashed Kid list of awesome books to introduce to children.